If you are a victim of any addiction, then follow these 5 tips.


Addiction means getting into a bad habit and not being able to leave that habit under normal circumstances. Usually, when we talk about addiction, it means to be associated with some kind of substance abuse. Addiction can be of many kinds such as drug abuse, theft addiction, Internet addiction, masturbation, etc.
Addiction shows that the person is unable to control some of his desires, behaviours and actions. If one can understand that addiction is the weakness of the desires, then in every likelihood he will overcome it. But it is regrettable that most people who suffer from addiction, do not even want to discuss it leave alone understand it. Once a person understands it, he is likely to attempt to distance himself from his addiction and surely, one day would be able to control his desires and win over his addiction. We are proposing the following 5 tips to help a person win against his addiction.

1. Regular Routines (Fixed Routines) –

This is a panacea to get rid of any kind of addiction. For this, one needs to maintain his routine. He is expected to follow it regularly, even on weekends or even if there is a storm. Addiction is more powerful when one does not have a fixed routine because then the mind wanders and that free time deviates one’s mind and causes stress. To deal with that stress one ends up doing that undesirable behaviour which we call addiction. Therefore, one is expected to run his day on a certain pattern and do not give himself time for any not-required thinking or undesirable behaviour. This routine will not only strengthen the mind and body, but it will also help one in dealing with his addiction.

2. Be social but stay away from social media-

Being alone, staying at home and not meeting anyone are all those habits that increase or lead to the development of certain addictions. And these could be avoided only once a person starts being social. But be aware that being social on social media doesn’t mean one is becoming social. No, stay away from it and become social in the real world.

Addiction occurs even when a person is unable to share his feelings with anyone and many times the situation is such that he cannot even share everything with his family members. In such situations, the real social network, which includes his close friends, etc. will be of help. But one also needs to keep in mind that do not meet those friends who are always addicted to something because they will not be able to help him rather may push him further into their addictions.
Meeting relatives, meeting family members removes a person’s feelings of insecurity and makes one realize the importance of his life and thus helps in reducing the chances of any addiction.

3. Nature changes a persons nature –

Behold the beauty of nature, sitting near a tree, plants, watching them, and going near a river or a water-filled pond also helps in dealing with a person’s addictive behaviour. When one is close to nature, his pulse rate becomes normal, blood pressure is normal and that is when one feels mentally calm and a calm brain never runs towards addiction.

That is why the natural environment is kept in rehabilitation centres and you may have also heard that doctors often recommend going to a hill station or to a place which is full of natural beauty to change the scenery, mind and health.

4. Meditation is the best medicine-

One does not need to take several medicines to get rid of his addiction. If one is aware of its cause, his weaknesses then all one needs to do is to practice meditation every day. This will calm his mind and help him think more clearly and realistically. By such practice, probably he will be able to get rid of his addiction.
Meditation is being practised for many centuries but the scientific discussion about its benefits and effects is being discussed for a few decades. Meditation fills a person with positivity by regulating his mind, behaviour, and thoughts.
Remember, the mental weakness, being in an excited state, and a person’s weak thoughts are responsible for any kind of addiction, so if one does meditation every day even for a small period, then he will be able to overcome his addiction.

5. Good sleep is your weapon –

We all know that eating nutritious food, drinking clean water, and breathing in the open air are all three essential things for a healthy life. With this comes another important aspect of having a good sleep. If one does not sleep well, then he will not be able to do all the three things mentioned above, because his body will not able to perform normal activities due to lack of sleep.
Scientists also say that a deep sleep relieves the side effects of all types of stress and anxiety. It recharges our brain and body. So if one sleeps on time and wake up on time, then there is no doubt that he will be able to beat any of his additions.

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