Is it OK if I don’t notice benefits from meditating right away?

Is it OK if I don't notice benefits from meditating right away?

You may feel that you have been meditating consistently for many months; still, you don’t notice any benefits. You may feel you are not improving. It is told that you will eventually improve and feel the difference but often you feel that you are wasting your time. So what’s the reality?

This is a great question indeed because sometimes meditation doesn’t bring any clear physical changes in a short duration.

First of all, you need to remember if anything goes on continuing on a daily basis for a long period of time, it makes a difference either visible or invisible. Your motivation must be strong enough to continue practising meditation and notice that difference. This is truth that moving forward with such practice of meditation depends on results.

The process of meditation is a bit slow in bringing results. It may seem that it doesn’t make any radical changes but it brings change for sure. It is like cleaning a dirty mirror. At first, we cannot see our reflection at all. But if you sit for a little longer, you will start to see your reflection more clearly.

You may get amazed to read your mind. You would be able to control your mind. Unnecessary thoughts, irrelevant thinking begin to disappear which is very difficult to notice. That’s why we feel nothing is happening.

Secondly, what do you expect from meditation? It should raise the level of haemoglobin in your blood? Or it should release you from any ailment? Or it should work like magic?

Do you want to see that meditation has impacted your relationships and the people around you? Very often we look for benefits outside ourselves, when often they are experienced more clearly inside of ourselves. Many patients accept that they have changed from inside and resultantly they could feel a change outside like change in people and circumstances. So it’s worth noticing what changes may have taken place in your life.

Analysing Progress of Meditation is right?

Now second question comes to mind that is analysing the impact of meditation good?

An attempt to analyse the progress of meditation kills its all benefits. Your mind is always busy in counting the statics. You do not notice that you are becoming more attentive and more aware.  The only problem is that the mind is always indulged in the judging and analysing.

So it is advisable whenever you sit for meditation simply notice whether you feel different in any way at all. If you begin your meditation free from any expectation and with the motivation that it is definitely going to quietly benefit you, you will experience the benefits.

Sometimes it happens that medicine fail because the patient doesn’t believe in them. So if you keep a positive attitude towards gaining the profit from meditation, it will definitely help you. Till then it is ok if you do not notice any visible benefit from meditation.

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