Learn How Cooking Improves Men’s Mental Health.

cooking for mental health

Seeing the mother cooking food in the kitchen since childhood and hearing that this place and chores are done by the girls keeps the men away from the kitchen. But do you know that by doing some kitchen chores, you can manage or overcome many types of mental problems?

Different researches conducted around the world are claiming that if men do something in the kitchen for two days in a week then they feel mentally refreshed and happy. Researches further suggest that cooking is very good for men suffering from anxiety and depression. If they cook, they not only prevent themselves from developing mental problems but also maintain good relationships as their mind is relaxed.

Let’s understand how cooking works in improving mental health-

There are so many mental problems such as anxiety, depression, etc where the many a times, the root cause of the disorder has more to do with being immersed in past or worrying about the future. A person does not focus on living in present. Cooking always keeps us in the present. While cooking, you have to be vigilant in cutting the vegetable, kneading the dough, rolling the bread, watching out that ingredients and spices do not get over-fried and the heat of the stove is maintained at the appropriate temperature. You need to take care of all of these simultaneously. And this is the reason why your mind doesn’t think about anything else while cooking which further helps you to lift your mood and take your attention away from anxiety or negative thoughts.

Benefits of cooking:

No matter how the food tastes, men always get appreciation from their family and friends for cooking something. They get praised and feel encouraged. They do not feel burdened to showcase their skills and eventually come out with a perfect dish that tastes amazing. This praise and encouragement from the family help them to be in a relaxed state of mind.

Immediately enjoyable results of work-
Cooking is such a thing that you get the results immediately. You make the dish and then you serve it then and there. Having a good result immediately after putting hard work gives a sense of victory. It shows the synergy between the planning and its application and gives mental satisfaction to the person.

A chance to show creativity –
Within every human being, the spirit of doing something creative is present. Because generally the men are not bound by rules and they are not expected to make traditional dishes, they can be creative while cooking. And this allows them to experiment and keep making new dishes without any pressure. When a person does something new like making dishes, it gives a sense of achievement and makes the person happy as secretes happy hormones in the brain.

To be connected with oneself-
It is said that a healthy body is the home of a healthy brain and the body becomes healthy by eating healthy food. When the food is prepared by the person himself, it gives great pleasure. In the process of cooking itself, the person is with himself. In case of women, when they cook they need to keep other family member’s choices and demands in mind, but in the case when a man cooks, he does not have to focus on others but himself. This makes the man connected to himself and this connection brings relaxation. This relaxed state of mind is often experienced during meditation and the same can be experienced while cooking as well.

Family attachment increases-
By cooking, you get closer to your family, your wife, parents, children, siblings. The family becomes stronger and you understand each other’s feelings, needs, and preferences better. You make others happy with your cooking because such cooking is not done to fill the stomach but to fill the heart. This family strength gives you more emotional strength and happiness.

Improvement in economic condition-
Instead of eating outside, when you make different types of dishes on your own at home, then it also saves a lot of money which could have been spent in a restaurant. Saving money gives a different kind of mental satisfaction to a man.

Now that you have seen how cooking keeps you mentally fit and also saves your money. Now, think about what will you cook next and don’t forget to share your experience with us, after all, we are also family.