Light Exercise

Exercising is one of the most effective ways to keep an individual healthy. Exercising is mostly for cardiovascular strength. Some individuals do it because they have an affinity towards it. Few take it up because of aesthetic reasons. While few are medically advised.

There are numerous benefits of exercising such as it helps in weight management, it improves your quality of life, it works as an anti-depression and anti-anxiety, it reduces the risk of chronic diseases, it improves the sleep quality, it improves energy level.

Another advantage is environmental. When an individual is healthy and active, he is more cautious about his surroundings and the environment.

Exercises are majorly categorized as Aerobic, Strength, Flexibility and Balance with each form serving a specific goal. Few fitness enthusiasts also classify exercises based on its intensity, i.e. heavy exercise and light exercise.


There is numerous advantage of light exercise, and these include:

1. Light Exercise increases the energy level – Light Exercises improves both the efficiency and strength of your body to carry oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

2. Light Exercise improves muscle strength – Performing light exercises regularly helps to keeps joints and ligaments flexible and muscles strong, allowing you to move easily and keep away from damage. Light exercises decrease the risk of lower back and joint pain by keeping them active, flexible and balance.

3. Light Exercise manages healthy weight – The more you exercise, the more calories you burn and the more muscles you develop. If you exercise regularly and properly, you would lose excess body fat and would maintain healthy body weight.

4. Light Exercise advances brain functioning – Light exercises increase oxygen and blood flow to the mind. It helps to boost the concentration level and ability of the brain to work more effectively.