Meditation is a spiritual and mental control that educates us on how to sync our soul and mind in a way that we can observe the genuine sense of things that cannot be simply seen. Meditation guides us to calm our minds and cleanse it for negativity, which can direct people to reach nirvana, which is the total realization of our divine potential.

Attitude is an essential aspect of meditation. If an individual has a positive attitude towards it and accepts the reasons and motives for meditation, he is likely to have better results than the person who has a negative attitude toward meditation.

Meditation is a process of letting anger, fears, and anxieties to calm down so that one can organize his mind. The practice of this method will guide the individual to a state of peace and calmness. Not everybody can do meditation appropriately. Meditation can be related to any sport, for example, cricket. Everybody knows the rules and its conducts, yet only a few excel in playing the game. Meditation must be practised with great discipline and awareness to get positive results; otherwise, it can cause psychological and spiritual problems for an individual.

Some significant physical benefits of meditation are:

– It reduces the physical tension
– It erases psychosomatic disorders caused by tension
– It lowers blood pressure
– It helps the brain to function better
– It strengthens the immune system
– It slows the ageing process
– It rejuvenates

Some significant Psychological advantages of meditation are:
– It calms the mind– It is prevention against stress
– It helps to be more open-minded and sensitive
– It helps to manage anger
– It encourages positive emotions
– It helps to deal with anxiety
– It promotes emotional health
– It helps to be confident in ourselves
– It helps individual growth

Meditation also helps to:

– Improves attentiveness
– Decreases the likelihood of distraction
– Improves memory
– It helps to be creative