Mini Workshop

Our mini- workshop enables in-depth interaction on Stress and its management. Our focus in this mini-workshop is making people aware of how their brain works when it is in stress or anxiety as it explains about the secretion of certain chemicals in the brain in such situations. The mini-workshop introduces a screening to check the level of stress and certain activities which help deal with stress like yoga, meditation, mudras etc. It also explains the benefits of practising mindfulness in stress and how this easy and light exercise of being the present moment without any judgement can bring peace, clarity, and calmness in one’s mind.

Our mini workshop also includes the fundamental principles of spirituality and how one can break the cycle of anxiety and stress just by incorporating some behaviours and habits in routine. The mini-workshop is highly interactive as the participants are given quiz, activities, and a chance to clarify doubts with the experts in the field.

The participants are given exercises to perform along with certain activities that will help them to introspect and reflect on their lives and live question and answer session to clarify their doubts.



Stay Blessed!