Become Partners


You should be a company in the business of software distributorship for at least 3 years. Should have considerable number of channel partners under you.


You should be a company in the business of selling software to end customers in the B2B segment for at least 2 years and have a running sales team.

Service Provider

You should be a company in the business of providing Healthcare or related services as a managed service to end enterprise customers for at least 2 years.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are welcome to partner with us to bundle or embed our product under this partnership to reduce cost of insurance delivery and claims.

OnBoarding Process


Sign the partnership contract with us after agreeing to all profit sharing options.


We will provide all technical and sales training to your relevant teams through our inbuilt programmes.


Get your employees certified as BeSerene Sales Professionals and BeSerene Certified Support Professional.

Value Addition

With a finely trained team and a great support team in the backend, be ready to give a amazing value addition to your captive customers.


With a great product and a great service, you will soon have a Happy Customer!