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Stress is a part of our lives and it is normal to feel stressed at times.
This phrase sounds familiar and repetitive. Isn’t it?

People are talking about stress, its consequences and effects all the time. They give you hacks and tips to deal with it based on their experiences. But do you agree, what worked for one individual will work for another? Do you think that one-size-fits-all?

It’s impossible. So, you must know yourself first and then take others’ examples as reference. But still, we would tell you not to rely completely on those tips.
Now comes the question of how to know oneself?

The answer lies within us. Knowing oneself is the easiest and toughest job at the same time. Knowing oneself brings you closer to your soul, your subconscious and unconscious mind and above all of them, it makes you understand how your mind works in a situation. Understanding the functioning of your mind will make you understand how it works when you are happy or sad or angry or stressed. You will be able to give attention to your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and your surroundings.

We have mentioned some of the ways that can help you become aware of yourself. These are:

  1. Reflection – Sometimes, when we are bothered by an event, it happens because we haven’t given attention to our behaviour or habits. These behaviours or habits turn into certain situations which later make us feel stressed and overwhelmed. To deal with such situations, it is important to reflect on our actions, become aware of them and see if they could be the cause of our stress.
  2. Meditation – When we completely emerge in our thoughts, we abstain ourselves from becoming self-aware. Self-awareness is nothing but understanding that ‘you are not your thoughts.’ Once you understand this point and bring your mind at a level where you are mindful of your surroundings and functioning of the mind, you are free from all the thoughts. You stop attaching yourself to your thinking and your thoughts becomes like those clouds that come and go but do not bother you or stuck in one place. So, sit for at least 15-20 minutes daily and become mindful with meditation.
  3. Self-Talk – Talking to oneself may look like a dumb idea but it works like magic. When you try to hear what your inner voice is telling you, you end up understanding a lot about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Sometimes there’s no-one present for you whom you feel will understand what you are thinking, there comes you for yourself. Sit for a few minutes in front of the mirror, listen carefully what your body, mind and soul are trying to convey and be present for yourself. We bet that you will gain a lot of knowledge about yourself.
  4. Connect with nature – We all are part of nature and the universe. When we do any activity while being in close contact with nature, we are home. Do any activity like walking, sitting or meditating in a natural environment and feel the difference.

The benefits of becoming one-self are not limited to being able to deal with stress but have other advantages, such as:

  • It improves your health.
  • It increases your productivity.
  • It improves your relationships.
  • It improves your mood and sleep.
  • You have a clear thought process.
  • You can make decisions with more clarity and understanding.
  • It improves your problem-solving skills.
  • It helps you improves your self-esteem.

Once you got this key of self-awareness, you can open the door to happiness and wellness. All the situations will seem small and all the stress coming out of them will stop bothering you. You will become mindful and peaceful.
So, know thyself.

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