11 Signs Your Body Is Under Too Much Stress

11 Signs Your Body Is Under Too Much Stress

No one is without stress nowadays. Besides stress, in relationship or job, your day begins with turning over the pages of a newspaper, surfing on the net, or scrolling through the news channels.  You see the news which might upset you.  Stress has become completely unavoidable in every walk of life.

Do you know stress affects your body invisibly?

Here are certain physical body symptoms that may alarm you that you might be suffering from stress.

1. You feel tired
Feeling tired after you have worked hard is normal. But feeling exhausted all the time and without any reason shows that you are suffering through stress. This is a sign of adrenal fatigue which makes you feel tired all day. Even if you rest for all day it doesn’t rejuvenate you.

2. Hair Fall
Stress level affects the hair. You may suffer from mild hair fall to severe hair loss. Hair may also grow noticeably thinner. If treated at the right time and stress dealt properly they may be grown back again.

3. Sleeplessness and restlessness
All-day you feel fatigued. Despite that, you are not able to sleep. Tossing sleepless nights has become regular. It is a clear indication that you are suffering from internal stress. Though sleeplessness seems a normal routine sign of the current modern life it may affect your health silently so it is advised to see a doctor if you have severe sleeplessness problems.

4. Dull skin
Stress snatches away all the vitality and shines from the skin. Dark circles under eyes begin to grow. Skin becomes dull and dark. The roughness is more visible on the skin.

5. Turning red
Sweating a lot after work grows your cheek and skin red. But if you have pink cheeks without any reason there may be increased heartbeats, respiration, perspiration, and stress behind it.

6. Low blood sugar/high blood sugar
The high-stress level begins to affect your sugar level. If you feel a low sugar level, it may be that you are going through the harmful effect of stress. You may feel hungry to cope up with this sugar level.  On the other hand, stress is the main cause of diabetes too.

7. Trembling
Trembling hands is one more physical sign of stress. You may find it difficult to control your hand. Typing and writing may become uneasy for you.

8. Fainting spell
Dizzy or fainting spells take place when the blood pressure drops down. If the stress level is high, and the sugar level is low such spells can hit the body anytime.

9. Headaches or pain
High blood pressure, an increased heartbeat can lead to headaches, migraine or pain in any other part of the body. Headaches may be more frequent.

10. Look worn out
When a person is relaxed he looks fine and younger. A stressed person looks worn out have wrinkles and haggardness on the skin. The person looks older than the actual age.

11. Catching cold frequently.
The immunity power gets affected by stress. As a result, the body is likely to catch a cold frequently. It can catch infection easily too.

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