Simple and Amazing Ways to Sustain and Grow a Relationship


Your spouse is your reflection, and you’re a reflection of your spouse. That’s why it’s told that love lays the foundation of every relationship. However, it takes more than ‘love’ to keep a relationship going. We have witnessed many couples part their ways, who once seemed inseparable.

It has been long argued that for a successful and healthy relationship, all you require is love. However, if love happened to be the only ingredient for successful relationships, no love marriage would have ever ended up in divorce. Isn’t it?

If you want your love relationship to grow into trust, harmony, and unmatched compatibility, you have to work on it with an open heart and commitment. Here we have rounded up some simple, yet amazing ways to sustain and grow a relationship. Let’s dive in to find out how to make a relationship stronger!


Never let honesty and loyalty leave your relationship

When we say intimacy, most people will think that we are talking about physical closeness. But, we’re not. Trust and commitment are two of the highest forms of intimacy that no couple should let go of. Once a liar, always a liar. You might have heard this before. And, trust us, nothing breaks hearts as badly as dishonesty and unfaithfulness. And, with every event of lost trust, comes things like insecurities, criticism, and jealousy. These are not good for growing a relationship successfully.


Learn how to accept and appreciate

Acceptance and appreciation are two of the pillars of a great relationship. When you love someone truly and want your relationship to get stronger with time, you are in there non-intrusively as you twine with nature. And, when you are genuinely happy with your relationship, you accept it as it is and appreciate it every day like a newfound love. You will not ask for a mango tree to produce strawberries. Relationships are like that only. You accept it and live with it mindfully.


Highs and lows are integral to every relationship 

Are you happy and content all the time? No, right? Similarly, it would be best if you did not think that your relationship will be all about highs and no lows. When you are in a long-term commitment with your significant other, you should be ready to experience both ups and downs together because that’s life.


Understand the power of “We.”

According to a study, it has been found that couples who address each other with the word “we” while talking, are likely to be in a happier and healthier relationship than couples who use, I, Me, and You. The first-person plural personal pronoun, “We”, exudes connectedness and a collaborative thought process. Plus, it adds more and more elements of love and benevolence.


Give space to each other

Being in a real relationship does not mean that you’ll cling to each other all day long. While connectedness is crucial for every relationship, spending alone-time with yourself and giving space to each other is also necessary. A bond based on insecurity, anxiety, and distrust will give birth to suspicion and disagreement. Be mindful, even a whiff of suspicion can break the spine of your relationship. So, be open, give each other some space, and cultivate your bond into a healthy relationship.


Communication is the key 

A majority of relationships die due to a lack of communication. However, you should not let that happen. Open and honest conversations help you grow your relationship. However, you should not forget that healthy communication does not mean you can talk about anything, just anywhere or anytime. Like, bedroom talks aren’t something to be discussed during a family get together. So, it would be best if you communicated sensibly.

Every relationship is different. So are the ways to keep it going on loaded with love and respect for each other.  Therefore, you should keep on working on your relationship every day as if it is a newfound relationship.

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