9 Small Things That Mean A Lot If You Have Social Anxiety

9 Small Things That Mean A Lot If You Have Social Anxiety

If you are suffering from severe social anxiety the best option is to take the help of some medical professionals. But if this social anxiety is at the milder stage there are a few things which you can do to help yourself.

1. Become your own adviser
Nobody else knows you better than yourself. Take the rein of your heart in your hand. Let your brain rule over your heart and your body. Inside your mind somewhere you definitely know what is good or bad for you. Keep talking to yourself as a friend guides you. Try to get prepared to deal with everything that triggers your anxiety. Keep pushing yourself outside from your comfort zone.

2. Stop trying to be perfect
Remember no one is born perfect. Those who are veterans have become perfect by constant practice in their field. The practise is the only key which unlocks the door to perfection. But if you are making mistakes, you are not able to perform 100% perfectly; nobody is going to shoot you for that.
Accept your imperfections but with a promise to improve in the future.

3. Focus on your health and physique
A healthy and fit body is the best friend and supporter in the world. However intelligent you are, however talented you are, nothing will remain useful until and unless you are healthy. Your physical sickness is the greatest obstacle in your project to cope up with anxiety. A healthy body maintains a level of good energy in the body which makes you strong to face society. Half of the social anxiety is cured with proper health.

4. Note down your Goals
Every day should be started with a goal. You should have fixed goals for a day, for a week, for a month or a year. Goals keep you charged. Write down these goals in a notebook and tick against each goal when accomplished. By writing down the targets in the notebook you can recall yourself about the purpose of your being. But remember these goals should be under the capacity you have. High goals can push you in the well of a deeper anxiety.

5. Improve Speaking Skills
Remember good vocabulary, clear pronunciation, practised phrases leave a good impression in a conversation. Make a habit of learning these things at least for ten minutes daily. Not everyone is born with a gift of the gab. And not everyone has got a sharp memory that whatever they see or listen can keep in their mind. Train your tongue for delivering some good stuff. That will definitely fill confidence in you to cope up with social anxiety.

6. Congratulate and Reward Yourself
On completing any task or the goal you had set for yourself, congratulate and reward yourself. It may be in the form of eating your favourite thing or watch a movie or go shopping. These little things refresh the mood. They brush up the dirt of anxiety from your mind.

7. Take Help of Support Group
You may join a support group where you will find so many people like you. They would tell their experiences to you. You may also share your experience with them. You may learn how they overcome social anxiety. By talking to different people you will definitely find a solution for yourself. It may fill you with confidence too. Share your experience, your shortcomings and your negative aspects there. Let them drain out.

8. Prefer the company of Positive People.
The company makes a great difference in life. You start thinking like the people you are surrounded by. Positive people always inspire others for a better life, happiness, a will to fight. Negative people suck your vital energy. They drown you down in the sea of depression. While sharing your ideas always keep this thing in your mind whether the person whom you are talking with is giving you positive energy or sucking your positive energy. Identity them and stay away or make contact with such a person less frequently.

9. Listen patiently and be less quick in response
To fight with social anxiety, it is the best option to listen to the people around you. Remember you are not there to win the battle by speaking. Let others speak, listen to them patiently, concentrate, think on what is being spoken, contemplate properly then speak or give your response. A quick and foolish response often spoils the whole impression.

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