What is Stress?


Stress is our mental, physical, and behavioural response to anxiety-producing events. A moderate level of stress is vital and useful — it’s a key element that allows you to deal positively with the emotional and physical confronts of life. Too much stress can result in serious physical, psychological, interpersonal, or performance problems.

Stress or tension is a normal response to difficult situations. We often confuse it as some form of mental pressure caused due to our own inability to deal with things. But that’s not what it is. Stress is not an action, it’s a reaction. Stress is our reaction to various external factors. Before we get to the whole coping part, first we need to understand a few things about the stress that is essential.


Stress is not always bad

Stress is the body’s way of reacting to a challenge. When faced with a tough situation, there are a whole lot of reactions that the body goes through. Increased pulse rate, adrenaline boost, faster response to stimuli and among those, stress is one. But the same stress that ‘stresses us out’, also makes us quicker and more prone to handle situations better. So it isn’t always a bad thing.


Stress varies from person to person

Some people are inherently calmer and more composed, compared to others. so, their reactions also are different. Stress levels change vastly across different people and are not to be compared at any stage.

If I can deal with a tough situation well that does not make another person’s stress or panic a bad thing. It is after all only a reaction.


Stress is not always an illness

There are a variety of stress-related disorders. But just because a person is prone to stress, it does not make him/her a patient. Stress- related disorders, like all other disorders, are something that cannot be confirmed unless clinically diagnosed.

Thus, the stress in daily life is as normal as it can be.


Stress always has a trigger

It may not be something happening at the moment. Sometimes the trigger of stress goes back in time that we don’t even recall the incident. That is because our mind is an expert at suppressing information that can be distressing. But no stress ever comes without a trigger.


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