Suicide- it’s causes, symptoms, statistics and ways to handle a troubled person


This is a very serious matter and should be given due to seriousness. Let’s first understand what suicide means-

What is suicide?
When a person finishes his life on his own it is called suicide and when a person deliberately tries to take his life, it is called suicide attempt. Suicide can happen in a moment but it is the result of long-term intense mental pressure.

Causes of suicide-
As tragic as any suicide is, it can also prove to be very mysterious if a suicide note is not found. It is very difficult to find out the exact cause of the suicide.

Deep despair and frustration of the human mind are normally the cause for the planning of this drastic step of the suicide. When a person feels that there is nothing left to do in his life, then he slides to live in vain. In such situations, a time comes when he feels that he will not be able to fight the problems arising out of life and circumstances or he will be able to find solutions. He is tired and in his mind probably even after working hard, he is not able to find solutions to his problems. Failure in love, financial crisis, loss of livelihood, infidelity, the sudden death of a loved one, disability, or some kind of serious damage and incurable illness can be some of the situations in which a person breaks down mentally. Considering himself completely helpless and alone, this mental break down further pressurizes a person to take such a step. People with an inferiority complex, deeply introverted, lack of self-confidence, and highly self-respecting people can also take such steps.

How can people commit suicide? Identify the symptoms of such people-
The risk of suicide is higher amongst those who have been in a deep mental struggle for a long time. They suffer from some type of psychiatric disorder or suffer from chronic illnesses and are experiencing extreme pain, difficult circumstances or are intoxicated. Also, the people whose parents have any mental disorder or someone in the family had committed suicide or those who have tried to commit suicide earlier, are at higher risk of taking this step.

Apart from this, if there is a sudden change in the mood of a person who falls in the above-mentioned categories, and their expressions seem suspicious or if such a person experiences a big shock due to certain reason, then it should also be considered a warning of suicide.

Suicides committed at a young age can also have some causes such as rashness and extreme emotionality.

Attempts to commit suicide are also taken by those people who are highly self-respecting. They do not want to be a burden on anyone, so they end their life. Let us wish that they could understand that there is always a way that can lead to happiness and success. It is just a matter of time to find that hidden path.

Suicide statistics-
There is a spurt in suicide figures in India compared to previous years, which is a matter of great concern.

According to studies based on gender, women tend to attempt suicide more frequently rather committing it whereas men are more likely to complete suicide and their ways are also more violent. More cases of suicides come to light in the south and eastern states of India.

How to counsel a person who can commit suicide –

Suicide is like a murder mystery, but a bigger mystery is to identify a person who might commit suicide and stopping him from doing the same. Based on the symptoms mentioned above, if we see anyone who seems upset and troubled, it becomes very important to talk to him and make him understand the need for counseling from a specialist immediately.

The problem is that our society is not serious about suicide, people are hesitant to talk about it and many myths and rumors add fuel to this fire such as if they say something to a person who has shown suicidal tendencies, then he is more likely to commit suicide. The right thing is that the sooner you talk to the disturbed person, the more time you will have to convince him and tell him that what he is thinking of doing is not right.

Talk with such a person should be done on solid grounds with full confidence. He should feel that you have solutions to his problems and you will help him bring his life on track. Only then he will open up and speak his mind. Do not let such a person become angry, if he becomes angry then do not talk to him at that moment. You shall talk on emotional grounds so he can share his problems with you rather than becoming aggressive. Along with this, such conversations will have to be done repeatedly and many times in a progressive manner. Whenever the conversation is over, it should end in such a way that a discussion is still required on it in the next meeting and for that, you need to stay in touch. Whenever the next meeting starts, the conversation should be continuing from where the previous conversation ended. It should not raise the old or the same thing again and again.

Before initiating a conversation with such people, either seek advice from a mental health professional and follow his advice, or you can also take a disturbed person to the psychiatrist.

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