These problems are caused by depression, This is how you can get rid of them.


Depression itself is a very serious problem. Today a large population of the world is struggling with it. It may have genetic, social, personal, or medical reasons. If depression persists for a long time, then it causes many mental, physical, and social problems. Let’s understand what other problems are caused by depression and what their solutions are.

1. Hormone Imbalance –

Prolonged depression creates many hormonal imbalances in a person’s body and mind, due to which he is not able to live a normal and healthy life. When we are under stress or anxiety, many types of hormones are released in our brain and body to reduce the effect of that stress and anxiety. If this tension or anxiety is experienced for a long time then the body keeps on releasing these hormones to deal with their effects and due to this, hormones become unbalanced due to overdose and normal processes of the body begin to get interrupted.

Remedy – You should seek medical advice immediately. If a person suffering from depression starts forgetting things, has an erratic appetite and, experiences faecal or urinary incontinence then he should immediately go to the doctor to take adequate treatment because these symptoms could be due to the side effects of depression.

2. Body pain –

Sometimes it happens that the pain remains in our body and even after taking treatment, it does not go away, even the doctors are not able to tell the real cause of such pain because there is nothing wrong in the reports. This type of pain is called psychosomatic pain. Depression can cause both headaches and body pain because due to depression the brain’s neurotransmitters are unable to secrete certain hormones which then give wrong signals to the brain that there is some pain in the body though, in reality, it is not there. This confusion causes a lack of synergy in the body and brain.

Remedy – The best way to deal with this problem is regular exercise and yoga. Physical activity helps the body to release some hormones which signal the brain that there is no pain in the body. Also, if some time can be taken out to practice pranayama and meditation daily, then the amount of oxygen that goes to the brain increases which improves the brain’s efficiency.

3. Diabetes –

Diabetes is considered to be the most dangerous disease. It can happen due to many reasons. Diabetes can also be caused by depression as the lifestyle followed by a person who is suffering from depression is not regular and there is no fixed time and amount of food he takes, there is no routine and there is no motivation to exercise, etc. Due to all these factors, a person suffering from depression may also develop diabetes.

Remedy – It is necessary that the blood sugar of the person suffering from depression is periodically tested and his diet includes nutritious and health-enhancing foods.

4. High blood pressure and heart disease –

The most terrible side effects of depression are that a person can also suffer from high blood pressure and heart diseases because long-term mental distress also affects the heart and its performance.

Remedy – One should do exercises that focus on strengthening the heart and improve its efficiency. Along with this the person should focus on the diet and seek medical advice whenever needed.

5. Arthritis and Thyroid –

Yes, new research suggests that a person suffering from depression may also have problems with arthritis and thyroid. Depression can also occur due to both of these diseases. So it is important to take care of your overall health.

Remedy – These problems can be avoided only by proper exercise, a balanced diet, and a healthy routine. Our advice is that the patient suffering from depression should always keep in touch with their doctor as only your doctor gives you the right advice and medicines.