Things We Don’t Appreciate Enough!


I was sitting in my room and it was raining outside. I saw a few children from my window playing and having fun in the rain. It reminded me of my childhood. We were so happy and carefree. Never have I ever looked at the rain like the way I was looking at that time. I am working continuously for 4 hours, at home due to a pandemic, have a huge terrace, and still working on my computer and not enjoying in the rain. I used to love doing that. So, immediately, I went on the terrace and got myself soaked in the rain. I smelled that pleasant earthy scent that comes when the rain hits the dry soil (Petrichor, it is). It was so relaxing and calm. And in that rain, I realized there are so many things we don’t appreciate enough. So, I thought I’ll share some of them with you, so you also get a chance to reflect on your life and feel blessed and be grateful.

  1. A Roof Over Our Head – We all dream of a huge house with all the amenities. This is not at all wrong. Dreaming big is not a crime. But while dreaming about this big house we forget to appreciate the place we are living in. Even if it is small, or doesn’t have many rooms or privacy, but it is still protecting us. It is time that we appreciate that place and be happy with it and continue dreaming big.
  2. Helping Others – I understand, sometimes it is not possible to help all the people around you. But whenever we can, we should. The feeling and satisfaction you get in return after helping someone, cannot be described in words. Just feel it and appreciate that you get a chance to bring a positive change in someone’s life. Believe in your abilities and yourself.
  3. A Healthy Mind And Body – Have you ever visited a hospital? You see stressed people all over the place. Someone’s having some physical issue, someone’s having some mental illness, someone’s accompanying their relatives or family, and people waiting outside for their turn to meet the doctor. All seem stressed and helpless. Understand that your body is like a temple. Appreciate and worship it by taking care of it all the time. You will only be able to achieve your dreams or enjoy your life if you have a healthy body and mind.
  4. The Challenges – I believe that either you win or you learn. So never be afraid of your challenges. They are there to make you strong. Learn from them. Understand how you can overcome them. This will either give you victory or an experience or a lesson. So, appreciate their arrival and don’t be afraid.
  5. The Simplicity Of Life – I have finally realized that life is very simple. We humans with our thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions make it complicated. In reality, we don’t need much to survive and lead happy and healthy life. Sometimes going with the flow is not that bad. Just be a good listener for your body and mind and be intuitive about your needs. Life is pretty simple.

Now it’s your turn to share your understanding with us. Comment below to share your thoughts and stay blessed!

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