This is how you can achieve success in life


Aren’t we all wanted to be successful? Of course, who doesn’t? And that’s why we are all the participants in the rat race. We don’t know where we are going but we know that we are moving. Where? Why? How? We have no idea. We are just following the crowd, the trend most of the times. Is it really helping us? Is it worth spending our entire life on something we don’t even aware of whether it will lead to success or not? And most importantly, what exactly is the definition of success in our mind? This all matters, because we have different concept and understanding of the word success. Some people feel that having money is a success, some feel having a big social circle or network is being successful and some feel health is wealth. Then which group of people is right? Whose definition or understanding is correct? Let’s explore.

Success in simple terms is the desired outcome i.e. you can achieve what you want to and you feel happy after attaining that. Now, as people have different personal goals in life, their meaning of success changes with that. But the crucial thing to understand is that success comes after you achieve those goals which you have set for yourself and for setting those goals you need to use a “smart” approach. So, there’s nobody who’s is right or wrong. We are all right in our way based on our needs, desires, requirements, and wishes. What is important is the way you set your goal. Below we have discussed the S.M.A.R.T way to write your goals. This approach was developed by George Doran, Arthur Miller and James Cunningham in 1981.

  1. Specific – When we talk about our goals being specific, it means we need to be aware of what we are trying to achieve? Why we are planning to do that? How you are trying to achieve this? Who will be in your team? Whose help you will require in the process? When will you start the process and what you need to achieve on each milestone? You need to be specific about the plan, the timeline, your role and the responsibilities of those who are going to be involved.
  2. Measurable – The timeline or tasks you have set, how will you measure them? How your success on the targets will be measured? Will it be based on the feedback you receive from the people or something else? How your achievement will be assessed? This is a very important step because as you complete a milestone or task, you need feedback whether it was a success or not. This either motivates move in the same direction or makes you understand that you need to change your strategy.
  3. Attainable – To achieve your goal, do you have all the required resources and tools? Will those tools work? Will those resources help you achieve what you are planning to achieve? Are those tools or resources sufficient or not? These are some of the questions you need to figure out before you set your goal. If you do not know what you have will help you attain your goal then understand that first. And if you realize that the existing tools and resources are not sufficient or required for that goal then change your plan, because such things won’t help you attain your goal.
  4. Realistic – Your goal needs to be realistic. If you don’t have enough manpower, knowledge, tools or resources then how will you achieve what you are planning to achieve? Ask yourself whether your goal is realistic or not, then only put the effort into making it come true. Else, first, work on all the requirements and then plan to set it.
  5. Time-based – You need to have a clear timeline. What are your targets? When you are planning to achieve all of them one by one? Start planning backwards. Write your goal and see what you need to do achieve that. Outline your planning coming backwards from your goal. This will give you a big picture and you will be able to identify all your needs.

Setting goals to get success in life looks like an easy task but it requires a lot of effort and planning because setting goals without planning seems simple but when you don’t achieve them, it hurts. So, be a good planner to be a successful person in life, no matter what your goal is.

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