This Is What It Feels Like To Live With A Mental Disorder


Mental illness can be experienced in a variety of different ways for different people. For some people, depression can make daily tasks feel impossible. Even simple things like taking a bath or brushing their teeth can be very tough tasks for depressive persons. There are some more important points given below-

1. Losing control
Almost every person with a mental disorder feels like he or she is losing control over body and mind. These types of disorders (mental disorders) control you and take over your emotions and actions. It keeps telling you that you are nothing, you are worthless and in the absence of the proper treatment, you lose your own personality and become a hopeless and violent version of you.

2. Can not move on
Well, many people feel like a crushing stone on their chest making them hard to breathe. Mental illness makes you trapped into the net of past memories and you keep thinking the past conversations or the incidents again and again. It makes your mind a heavy stone and you are not able to move on.

3. Losing You in You
A person with a mental disorder many times fakes a smile so others around him do not know that he is not happy, this type of behavior creates confusion and you start to act of showing that everything is normal. You hate to be alone but don’t want to fake your situation so you decide not to hang out with others. It is like losing your life, your happiness, and losing the special YOU in you. You have a constant battle with yourself and one day you lose but another unwanted you win.

4. Seeks proper attention and responses
This person seeks the proper attention of others and the right emotional responses when he says something or trying to convey his feelings. Instead of having to tell them how others need to respond, he wishes to think themselves. Sometimes he or she does not want to hear all the good wishes and inspiring words from others but a hand holding his hand is the thing he wants.

5. Laziness
It is always a tough task for a person with mental illness to get out of bed and going to bed.
Being lazy is not really him being lazy at all. He even doesn’t wish to be that way, but the disease has many cruel ways of suppressing him down. He gets the label lazy from society and he hates it.
The person does not cancel plans or the appointments because he wants to, his illness has taken hold of him and he is helpless.

6. Hates the judging
People with mental illness hate to see others judging them without knowing what went wrong in their past. Each and every action of them becomes a curious and funny thing for others. It is not easy for them to explain to other people their mental illness because most of them do not understand or don’t want to understand or are really judgmental about it.

7. Does abnormal things to be normal
It is not rocket science to understand that a person suffering from a mental disorder has not normal functioning. These people fight with themselves a constant battle to be normal every day.
They keep trying to be normal each and every time when they deal with others and in this hard process of being normal sometimes they try a little hard and look abnormal in front of others.
They always find themselves between the ‘not enough trying’ to trying too much’. Other people must understand that it is all because of mental illness and its impacts.

8. I am not going to tell you
Many of us don’t even know that there are some mental illnesses where people hear strange voices. It is hard to believe for them that these voices are not real but cruel symptoms of their depression. In this condition suffering people cannot tell others what is going on with them because it freaks others out.