Top 5 Common Anxiety Triggers

Top 5 Common Anxiety Triggers

Anxiety disorders are very common. Anxiety is a mental condition that causes feelings of worry, fear, apprehensions, stress or tension.

What exactly causes anxiety is a difficult question. No doubt genetics and environmental reasons play a major role. However, it is obvious that some events, emotions, or experiences may also cause symptoms of anxiety. These elements are generally called to be ‘triggers.’

Anxiety triggers may vary for different people, but many triggers are often common among people suffering from these conditions.

So here we are going to see Top five triggers of anxiety.

1.Health Problems:
Unhealthy condition of body triggers anxiety.  This type of trigger is very strong because it produces a debilitating feeling immediately. Body fighting with sickness has a low level of energy and vitality. It is less positively charged. It slows down the performance. Hence it results in anxiety. 
Being proactive, having a healthy diet, exercise can help you fight this anxiety trigger.

2. Negative Thought Process:
Your thinking controls the vibes your mind generates.  When you are upset, tensed or frustrated, even the negative words you say to yourself can trigger anxiety. If you tend to use a lot of negative words while thinking about yourself, it may raise your anxiety level.

Not only this, if you see a dark perspective of everything at first glance, this may also increase anxiety in you.

You should try to learn to be positive, think positive, and see positivity around you. By doing this, your brain secretes good hormones which help suppress such anxiety triggers.

3. Conflicts:
Such conflicts as relationship problems, arguments, disagreements can trigger or worsen anxiety. If conflict particularly triggers anxiety in you, you may need to learn to find conflict resolution strategies. Also, consult with a therapist or other mental health expert to have the sessions for how to manage the feelings these conflicts cause.
Be forgiving, let go, maintain silence in case of disagreement can be a great help. Remember, saving yourself from stress is more important than winning an argument.

4. Personal triggers:
These triggers are difficult to get identified because it may be a smell, a place, a food, an animal, a memory or a song. Personal triggers remind you, either consciously or unconsciously, of a bad memory or traumatic incident in your life. Or sometimes we do not like certain things without any reason. Identifying personal triggers may take a long time but you can learn to overcome them. Because they are lifelong troublesand they need to be avoided only.

5. Financial concerns:
Worries about saving money or having debt, heavy loans can trigger anxiety. Unexpected bills or money fears are the main reasons for these triggers. Actually, money is a general common trigger nowadays which stresses most of the people of this age. Prestige, luxuries, bread and butter, everything depends on it. Rich or poor everyone is struggling with this stress.

Learning to manage this type of trigger may require professional help. A financial advisor can be a great help.

Thus, it is important to find out the triggers which increase your anxiety levels because once you know the reason, you can easily control your reaction.

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