11 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Stressed

11 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Stress

Generally, we become possessive to whatever we have achieved in life. Whether it be love, relationship, friends, children, money, possessions, materialistic things, job or anything. And if there comes a point when for any reason these things start to get out of our way, we fret, we get anguished but we are not ready to accept that we are going to lose them. 
So here are a few things which you can do to console yourself and make yourself less stressed.

1. Acknowledge yourself worth
Your life is precious and you are born for a certain purpose. Never think that if someone goes from your life or some designation has been snatched away from you, your life has become fully worthless. You hold an important place for so many people. You are unique in your own way.

2. Retreat to see a clear picture
When you are completely involved in something, you become blind to an extent. You are not able to identify the real picture. It is suggested to take a few steps back so that you can see a real picture. Take a short break, stay away from the suffocating situation and enjoy the fresh air. This will help you to come out of the attachment. Your mind would be able to decide more properly.

3. Accept the Reality
The moments you spend are temporary. Nothing and no one is permanent in your life. Everything, once you had in life, was only for that short period. As soon as you accept this fact, you become ready to let the thing go off. There is no use of being possessive over anything.

4. Breathe a lot
Whenever the feeling of a looser overpowers you, you fall in depression at the thought of letting go, the best thing is to breathe deep. It starts with focussing on your breath. Count the breaths. Turn your attention away from the matter.

5. Forgive
The feeling of forgiveness is a blessing. It blesses both. One who forgives and the other who is forgiven. Letting go combined with a feeling of forgiveness cultivates a sense of calmness. You don’t feel like a looser. Repeat many times in your mind- I forgive you!

6. Find new ways
What has gone cannot be recovered back. So the best option is to find new ways, new things, a new feelings to replace the previous ones. The longer the vacuum remains, the lonelier you feel. Life does not end on any date. There is always a fresh beginning every day. You have to concentrate on what are the best methods to bring you out of the dilemma.

7. Today is important
Let bygone be bygone always. Past may trouble but it can’t be recovered or it can’t be brought back again. Focus on the present. Live life as if today is the most important day of your life. Erase all the memories of the past whether they were good or bad.

8. Life is a lesson.
Remember life is the greatest teacher. It teaches you a lesson every day. Every moment, every person comes here to give you a new experience. So why fretting? Let everyone/ everything go after the work is done. Throw a glance to your past. Assess how many people, how many events kept on coming and going after their work was done. So this time again. Accept it by heart.

9. Be deaf to what people say
The pain you are going through, the stress you are suffering from is entirely yours. When you are in depression you start relying on others. You listen to other people a lot and judge yourself on their remarks. Their judgments are based on their experiences, on their biased perspectives. You know yourself better than anyone. Take care of yourself first. And listen to your conscience.

10. Be kind
When we are not ready to accept this letting go, we may become violent. We may harm ourselves and others as well.  By choosing to be kinder every day you choose a life of bliss and a world less stressful around. The kind gesture leaves an impact that sustains for a lifelong experience.

11. See the brighter part
If life is compared to a bowl of fruits, you would find that every day you get some fresh fruits and some of them are rotten. What do you do with rotten fruits? You throw them away out of the bowl. Similarly, when things get rotten to the extent that they cannot get repaired, let them go. Don’t hanker after them. May be letting go proves to be a blessing in disguise in the coming future. Nothing happens without a purpose. Try to see a positive picture always

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