What are the reasons for getting unwanted and unnecessary stress?


Stress is an integral part of life. We cannot find a person without stress.  Stress if for a limited period proves to be beneficial too, like stress can motivate you to work harder and within time. Stress leads to perfection too. But the problem arises when you are not able to handle your stress properly and you become its victim. Chronic stress may interfere with your job, family life, love life, sex life and health too.

Generally, it is seen that people fight with friends or their loved ones because they are stressed for an unknown reason. They do not treat their partner properly, they do not answer their colleagues nicely, they overreact to the commands of their boss, because they are under stress.

There may be other reasons to make you stressed like your kids are screaming time and again,your boss has been howling at you because you submitted a report late, your fiancée is upset because you do not call her frequently. Anything can make you stressed without knowing about it. Here you can see some general causes of stress.


Causes of Stress-

  • An unfruitful relationship
  • Frustration in job
  • Heavy workload or too much responsibility
  • Long working hours
  • Your inability to manage things
  • Unfulfilled expectations 
  • Working under insecure conditions
  • Feeling emotionally insecure 
  • Speech problem 
  • Facing discrimination or harassment 
  • The death of a loved one
  • Loss of a job
  • Financial problem 
  • Getting married unwillingly
  • Moving to new surroundings 
  • Chronic illness or injury
  • Care for an elderly or sick family member
  • Any past Traumatic event like theft, rape, harassment etc. 
  • Irresponsible behaviour of others.
  • Habit of perfection
  • Any physical disability


When we do not know ourselves properly, when we are not aware of ourselves, stress is likely to take place. Being unaware is the main reason for stress.

Stress slows down our working capacity, we feel less energetic. Keeping ourselves busy is the most important way to beat stress. We should work on to increase our energy and mindfulness. Learn to manage time and your schedule. Steal time for rest. Failure in management of time and work create a vicious circle and give more stress.

Overindulging in gadgets like mobile phones, watching too much TV etc are some of the reasons. Keeping awake late at night and rising late spoils the whole day. You keep on running uselessly whole day to meet the ticking clock. Thus, it is important to know your cause of stress and start working on it.

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