Simplest things you can do to make yourself happier.


We all want to be happier in life. Aren’t we? And it doesn’t cost you anything if you incorporate some activities in life which are simpler to understand, easier to follow and bring many benefits along with them to make you happy. So, few simple things you can do to make yourself happier are:-

Fix your sleeping pattern:

A good and consistent sleeping pattern stimulates your brain and keeps you energized for the day ahead like sleeping at 10 PM every night and gaining 8-9 hours of sleep.


It doesn’t have to be crazy. Go for a 20-minute walk or do a 10-minute workout in your bedroom.

Avoid your social media apps:

These apps drain your energy. They make you focus on other people’s lives, while you forget about your own. You begin to compare yourself and wonder why your life isn’t ‘perfect’. We don’t realize that people only post what they want us to see. It’s most likely that their life is dreadful; you don’t know it.

Take warm showers:

Warm water acts as a natural decongestant. It lowers anxiety levels and helps your muscles relax. After a long day, a warm bath is a great stress reliever.


Smiling releases the neurotransmitters: dopamine, endorphins and serotonin in your system. This makes you feel happy.

Spend time with nature:

Go out in woods on an adventure alone or with your family or friends.

Talking to your loved ones:

When you have someone close, you feel happy to share your feelings, thoughts and issues. They will guide you, help you, and listen to you. You can express your opinion freely and make yourself feel better.

Travel to new places:

Plan a trip to a place where you always wanted to go.

Listening to music:

When you listen to a song, you can feel your inner feeling well. It will make you feel relaxed and calm your mind. You get peaceful and serene thinking for your ideas.

Reading books:

Reading makes you know many different things. You know about many things which will help you in real life. You feel peaceful and calm your brain.

Writing your thoughts in a book:

When you cannot stop thinking, start writing all your thoughts in a book. Then crush that paper throw it in a dustbin. It is a proven fact you feel all your issues are gone and feel relaxed. Otherwise, you can write all your blessings in a diary each day and read it whenever you feel low.

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