What are you doing to stay mentally healthy in this time?


This is fighting with a severe pandemic threatening every one with the risk of his life. Obviously  in the time of lock down it has grown to be a difficult challenge how to keep yourself physically healthy and mentally fit during the corona virus pandemic.  There are some precautions advised to keep you away from it like washing your hands, and practicing social distancing.

Eating healthy diet, practicing exercises can keep you physically fit. But managing mental health during this time has become difficult as the fear, depression, apprehension are intimidating every one living inside the four walls of their home.

While this is happening, how to take steps to keep psychological well-being in sync? If you’re not proactive and well prepared about taking care of your mind, your emotional health, your sensitivity during this time, you may face decline in mental fitness.


Why Corona virus Might Impact Your Mental Health

When there is every possibility that corona virus pandemic may take a toll on your mental health, all you can do is to be vigilant of the factors that might affect your mental and physical health.

Fear of catching the virus is the main root of stress at this hour. You must be reading, listening to the depressing news all around. You are likely to deal with uncertainty. All these things lead to a stress which is completely unavoidable. 
Don’t read or listen to the news in the morning. First of all complete your daily chores. Pay attention to exercise, do some meditation. Don’t make yourself addict of news updates. Clinging to too much news updates can make you panic.

2. Disrupted Routines
Most of the people are at home doing household chores. Many people are working from home too. Others are dealing with their children at home right now. All social gatherings and events have been cancelled or postponed.
This has infused a feeling of restrictions making their life completely un-happening and boring. Their routine has got completely chaotic and confused. There is no schedule for anything.

Whatever you do your routine should be followed on a worth full scheme. A changed schedule fills a person with complete uncertainty.  A total haphazardness can lead you to a point where you may feel a vacuum.   This can take a toll on your mental health.

3. Restrictions
People who go to office or outside for work ,staying inside for extended periods can cause them feel restless. It becomes completely unbearable for some people.

You will have to find ways to cope with these restrictions. Like you may go to roof or balcony, you may consume time in the care of plants. You can make a habit of fixing some hours to reading. Develop any interest which may distract you from the feeling of restrictions.

4. Lack of Social Contact
The corona virus pandemic means distancing from others. Obviously some are separated from family members, relatives, friends and co-workers. They are finding less time to gossip too.  Some may be living alone and may not be able to be in contact with loved ones for a long time.

Since social interaction is absolutely vital for good mental health so this social distancing  can lead to feeling of depression , stress and anxiety.

Remember this is a situation of emergency. Time will change. Your loved ones are safe either near or away that is important.

5. Reduced Physical Activity
Normally while at work a person walk a half-mile or involves a pretty good amount of physical labour.  Living in lock down lessens your physical activity. 
Many gyms are closed too so there may be fewer opportunities to work out. This is up to you how you dedicate your time for hard physical exercise. Only exercise or climbing stairs can save you in the absence of any opportunity for physical work.

6. Warning Signs
If you been a patient of depression, anxiety, or another mental illness. It is quite possible that  these symptoms may intensify. It means you have to take extra care of your mental health. 
Avoid watching depressive news. Take safety measures. Don’t go out much.

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