What do you do when you are severely stressed?


Lots of people are there who have battled severe anxiety and stress since a long the time. Sometimes this anxiety becomes so severe that they suffer from shortness of breath, they start sweating, they loses even in simple day to day activities, like studying, going somewhere, working in office etc. How long this anxiety attack would last?  they do not know. Knowledge about yourself is all you can help in such situation.


Try to observe the following things-

1. Which situations stress you the most? It may be that there are certain situations which make you panic, otherwise you are normal all day.

2. What are those people who make you uncomfortable? There are some people in your office or at your college or in your neighbourhood with whom you do not get positive vibes. They always tend to contradict you. Spot them.

3. While in stress about something, what are the activities which make it worse? When you are in stress is that so, you are not able to react as you should? Mark your behaviour and try to control over it.

4. How do you respond to a situation which makes you anxious? It may be you completely become blank in such situation or you make silly mistakes, or your performance level go low.

5. Notice every detail about you. You will have to learn the techniques which can help you in such situations. Deep breathing and relaxing you mind , taking water, leave the place immediately, having a brisk walk, listening to the music, starting thinking anything else apart from what makes you stressed are the few techniques which you can employ. Until and unless you are relaxed you cannot find the solution of the problem which makes you stressed out.


To find the solution to a problem-

It is necessary that, you should have a calm state of mind. If you practice these measures this is sure that anxiety attacks reduce. You would not panic as you used to do.

1. Stay away from the things which make you sad and depressed. Like If you are hurt, don’t talk to the person who hurt you, don’t listen to sad songs. If you are feeling low and de-motivated, don’t get engaged in negative thoughts and if you are angry, don’t fight or hurt back, leave the place immediately.

2. Be creative. Find some activity which helps you feel better. Which can bring best out of a creative person inside you. Either it can be cooking, or writing, or dancing or playing some instrument anything.

3. Talk to someone, who understands you. Pour your heart out to them. This is the best technique to get relieved from stress. Don’t feel shame or hesitation. Remember to help yourself is your first duty.

4. Stay away from the negative people around you. Remove the people who might engage you in negative talk, who see the dark side of everything, who always talk negative about society and country.

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