What is Anger And How to Deal With It?


Anger is just an emotion like happiness, sadness, disgust, etc. Thus, it is completely normal to feel angry because these emotions are important for survival. The problem occurs when anger or any other emotion starts controlling us as then they lead to problems and issues at the workplace or in personal life.


Controlling anger is a self-initiated process and starts happening with a little tap on your patience level and the maturity of your thoughts. For sure there are no definite fixes which can work magically around, but once you realize that anger is the reason behind your failures in relationships, impulsive decisions which you disown, the physical and mental trauma of yourself and your near and dear ones, you will be able to control it better than earlier.


Ways To Deal With Anger


As anger can be harmful to you and for your loved ones; here are some of the ways to deal with it:

1) Cooldown -Take deep breaths and have a glass of water, this can really loosen your reaction to the stimulus situation and prevent you from wasting your energy.


2) Be creative -Try channelizing your instantaneous oomph into something which you and others can appreciate. It can be anything which you are good at like writing, listening to music, playing any instrument, sketching etc.


3) Go out for a walk – Walking alone can help you to divert your anger and helps you to calm your mind to feel good and peaceful.


4) Discuss – If you think the cause of your reaction is something imperative and you need to express it because it’s better to have a discussion on the same rather than spurting your emotions erratically. Also, remember to give attention to your tone of voice while having a discussion while being angry we unknowingly switch to high pitched voice.


5) Invest your time in good things – Now, this might not be the quick fix, but the long-run result of this practice can help in anger management. Read good books that have some takeaways, meditate for a while regularly, and have healthy discussions with your friends about varied topics. This will not only make you aware of your surroundings but also with yourself.

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