Fear And Its Causes

Causes of Fear

Fear plays a very vital part of our daily life as individuals and as a society. It comes in many forms and is usually described as an emotional response to unwanted past experiences, or an unpleasant feeling of perceived risk or danger.

We all have fears and it keeps us stuck and sometimes freezes us. It causes us to doubt our own abilities. It is our mental process that tries to predict the unknown future, so it is based on something that has not yet happened. It is an illusion rather than a fact. The truth is that we will never be absolutely safe or life is not always predictable. All things change constantly in life.

And, the only way to get through fear is to face it. Fear is a powerful enemy; hence we need a powerful ally to overcome it and that is FAITH. When overwhelming fear and doubts cause us to be afraid and stuck, we have two options either we can feed fear or we can feed our faith.


The Main Causes of Fear

Some portion of fears builds upon the base of the absence of information. Mostly it refers to the circumstances when a man needs to accomplish something just because, something he has never done or he doesn’t have the experience. That is why the reason rather than the information generate the fear within an individual.

The second cause of fear depends on the past experience when an individual didn’t prevail with regards to something, he felt agony and sufferings, and now he fears the reiteration of such circumstances.

The third reason behind the onset of fear depends on the fear of death. The strongest among the current fears is the fear of death, it is the fear to lose body (life), and it doesn’t make a difference whether it is the life of this individual or his loved ones. The fear of death is a perplexing issue and it requires its own exceptional techniques. Fear to lose kids, guardians or family members has a place here too.

Also, another sort of fear is generated in a man, when there is no information about the law of equity (the law of cause and result) or if an individual commits a wrongdoing and fears outcomes, it ought to be so. For this situation, fear is a cause of discipline for the evil the individual has done.

And sometimes FEAR becomes False Evidence Appearing Real.

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