What is loneliness? -Its symptoms, causes, types and ways to overcome.

अकेलापन, लक्षण, कारण

There are some moments and occasions in everyone’s life when he thinks of himself as completely alone. Mostly the people who work away from their home, those who do not give time to their friends, the ones who are tired of fighting with life’s problems or those who have lost a loved one, are more prone to feel lonely. This is a normal feeling but when the feeling of loneliness stays in the mind for a very long time, then it leads to serious consequences on the person’s mental health. Let us first understand what loneliness is.

Loneliness is a state of mind or, in a sense, a feeling in which a person feels he has no one and gets a feeling of being disconnected. He loses connection with himself. He feels that everyone is happy and doing well even without him and nobody bothers about his being. When you feel completely alone even when surrounded by a crowd, it is called loneliness.

Symptoms of loneliness
Since it is neither a physical nor a mental illness, it does not have any definite list of symptoms. There are differences between individuals and every person’s nature is different, so are the signs and symptoms. But there are some common symptoms found in a person suffering from prolonged loneliness. These are –

1. Loss of interest in any work or activity.
2. Always feel low, not having any kind of enthusiasm and energy.
3. Poor or major loss of appetite
4. Negative talk
5. Low immunity, getting sick very quickly.
6. Suffer from a headache and migraine.
7. Sleeplessness or erratic sleep patterns.
8. Constipation or abdominal pain.
9. Doing reckless work, become attached to TV mobile, etc.
10. Being afraid of everything, confused, etc.

Types of Loneliness

It is a strange thing that the person suffering from loneliness is not alone. Many people are suffering from this problem. Experts have found three main categories of loneliness by studying people who feel lonely.

1. Loneliness resulting from a situation
This kind of loneliness occurs when someone shifts from his old place to a new place like school, college society or city. In such a situation, he gets away from his old peers, from those who know him and feels lonely among completely new strangers. In this situation, loneliness lasts for a few days, then most people make new friends and adapt themselves to a new environment, but those who cannot make adjustments due to any reason suffer from the problem of loneliness.

2. Loneliness resulting from the growth of others
This is one of the major problems in today’s era. In this situation, a person starts to feel lonely because of the progress or achievements of his friends, those who know him, and even may know his family. He feels that everyone’s standard of living is going up but he is left somewhere behind. In this situation, the person cuts him off and feels lonely.

3. Internal or mental loneliness-

This kind of loneliness occurs when something does not happen as per your wish or you are not in some kind of leading position in a group. In this situation the person is not alone, there are people around him but he feels lonely due to his thought process and mental state.

Reasons behind loneliness –

There are many reasons for loneliness, but a person suffering from this problem is often unable to find a solid reason for feeling lonely.
Here we are some of the reasons that cause loneliness. Look at the list and consider which one of these caused you to feel lonely-

1. To get away from your family, lover or your friends, etc. for some reason.
2. The untimely death of a loved one.
3. Pity your position in the family.
4. The life partner is not suitable for you.
5. Lack of sexual pleasure.
6. Lack of attention in any group or party.
7. Lack of confidence and self-esteem.
8. Inequalities in language, dress, culture.
9. Loss of job or occupation or deteriorating financial situation.
10. Not being able to match the status of friends or relatives.
11. Due to changes in weather or geographical area.
12. Spending more time on social media and porn sites.
13. Being more ambitious.

How to overcome loneliness?

Loneliness is a serious problem but its solution is very simple. You can overcome this problem forever by making some changes in your thinking and perspective. You have to convince yourself that you are not alone, and then you will see many people who are with you and care for you.

1. Stay connected with family and friends-
Today, there are so many means of connectivity like the internet and mobile phones that you can contact anyone in any corner of the world. Therefore, you must take a little time out and spend that time connecting with your family and friends. This way your emotional relationship becomes stronger. Remember, maintaining relationships is a two-way process. Do not think that if you don’t stay in touch then this relationship will still be deeper and strong. The rule “out of sight, out of mind” is applicable in any relationship, so always keep in touch with your special friends, your true relatives, and your loved ones.

2. Partner bridges the gap of loneliness-

If you are in a relationship with someone, then openly share what is there in your mind with them. You will not get anyone better than your partner, so do not let small things come in between your relationship. Along with this, keep your sex life healthy too.

3. Stop being introverted-

Stop judging people. Do not make assumptions about them especially before asking or talking to them. You should say whatever you want to say and let the other person give a reaction as per their understanding. Sometimes we make opinions about others but when we communicate with them, our opinions change. So, recognize the power of communication and for that, the first hello should come from you.

4. Become a banyan, not a Ficus religiosa-

There is no harm in making big goals in life, but do not neglect others in the pursuit of being too ambitious. Remember, you will be able to achieve a big goal only when small support from other people will be included in it. So to avoid loneliness, build a network of your people, and respect everyone. Do not always consider yourself as the most important person in a group; you shall also learn how to be part of the crowd. You can avoid loneliness by limiting the appearance of your ego, your pride, and your status.

5. Pets will help you stop feeling lonely-

Having a pet is the easiest and most effective way of combating loneliness because they not only love you unconditionally but also show their love in different ways. You are the most special person for them. They wait for you all day and feel happiest when they see you in the evening.

6. Never be inferior always stay high-

You should not consider yourself weak and should not think a lot before speaking for the sake of others’ feelings. Do work on your shortcomings, but also keep in mind that no one is perfect nor everyone is an expert in every field. Hence stop comparing yourself all the time with the entire world.

7. Consult a professional and share what you feel-

If you feel lonely even after doing everything, consult a psychiatrist/psychologist and share all your problems with him. He can suggest solutions to your problem because he is an expert in this field. Do not bother what people will think or say if you consult a professional.

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