What is the best way to have a spiritual awakening?


Often it is seen either a person is born with an inclination towards spiritual journey or he becomes interested in it after a traumatic experience in life.  Whatever be the reason the subsequent “spiritual awakening” that we pursue seems to promise to take an exotic place or a realm of bliss.

It is supposed that through spiritual awakening you can get connected to the supreme spiritual power. You can awaken the hidden lessons, hidden pleasures in your life.

Follow and apply these six simple steps and ways to set yourself up for a spiritual awakening-

1.Take care of yourself
Body is the temple where your soul lives. It becomes your primary duty to take care of it first if you want to go on a journey of spiritual awakening. Remember with a worn-out or a dilapidated vehicle can make you reach nowhere.  Eat healthy and stay active.  These are the two great ways to stay connected to yourself and your higher power.  When we care for our body, our mind becomes healthy too.  Our internal systems, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual everything gets strength. Our body and brain get freedom from unnecessary lethargically and unnatural substances. Hardly we know that we block the opportunity for spiritual growth and eventual awakening by not taking care of ourselves. So keep your body clean and feed it well.

2. Learn to let go
‘Let Go’ this is a never-failing mantra to de-clutter your mind out of crap crowded your mind unnecessarily. 
The reality is you can’t force a spiritual awakening until your mind has some space.   There’s no prescription for enlightenment better than it.  Do your part well, do what you can, perform well and let it go. If you’re attached to the idea of having a spiritual awakening, you will have to learn this art. Spiritual awakening cannot be learnt in one day. It’s a long time process, it is a life long journey.  Continue to follow the little steps only to cover a long distance on the highway of spiritual awakening.

3. Expand your mind
Explore new ideas, new ideologies and different beliefs. Read as many books as possible. Attend lectures and have conversations with people who have lived different lives. An awakening takes place when you feel a curiosity to learn, to achieve something new. You discover that there are so many things different from your beliefs and did not come to you yet.  It is like waking you up from a slumber. When you expand your mind to allow in new ideas, beliefs, and possibilities, you pave the way for a fresh beginning in your life.

4. Examine your beliefs
Be aware of what you believe. Examine your beliefs. Understand the efforts, the ideology that you’re putting not only into your world but into the world at large. And be honest, don’t hold stubbornness. Your stubbornness regarding your beliefs can block the way to spiritual growth.  Sometimes a spiritual awakening requires letting go of beliefs that we kept holding on them all our lives. A real awakened soul do not hold grudges or cling to one belief. It is only you who has to realize first that you have been sleeping, otherwise how awakening would come to you.

5. De-cluttering
You need space. So start making room.  You should clear not only your physical space of the stuff that you no longer need but also your memorised space of the mind that is full of the bad memories. A clutter around you chokes the positive energy around you.  Not only de-cluttering your physical space is important, but it is also important that you should de-clutter your mind. Take time every day to sit in silence and meditate.

Allow your thoughts to pass and watch your mind. Meditation allows you to relax. It purifies the mind and drains all the negativity from inside.

6. Go outside, Be generous
The world is full of so many energies. Many of us spend our time cocooned inside our room. It limits our perceiving power.  Sitting behind computer screens, holding mobile for a long time, not truly connected to the world outside, not watching the happenings taking place in nature, not observing the other people, not seeing an animal for a long time, limits yourself to a confined you.

Take time to reconnect with nature. Go out for fresh air to breathe.  Try not to distract yourself with your phone or computer. Reward yourself with solitude. You will be surprised to see in a few days that things come to be alive around you.

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