Yoga and its types.

What is yoga - beserene

“Yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means unite. Yoga is characterized as a set of spiritual, mental & physical practices. It is one of the most ancient wisdom that started in India. It includes meditation, breathing techniques, and exercises that help to improve health and bring positivity in life.

The yoga practices benefit people with psychological issues in numerous ways. The techniques of yoga culture the emotions, resulting in less stress reaction, which is the precursor of modern-day health problems. Yoga provides additional energy to the body to fight against the invading problems so one can face the problems in a proper manner.

Above all, yoga is a procedure that can free us from the hold of sense. We can obtain the most crucial tool for helping us to live our lives more meaningfully & with awareness. It helps us to get an equilibrium between materialistic and spiritual life.

The practise of yoga helps us to obtain holistic health which covers up physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health together.


Types of Yoga:

Karma Yoga:

Karma yoga explains us to do all duties without desire and greed, one should consider their responsibility as divine action executed with hearted devotion by removing all lust, and it will guide to perfection with success and cheerfulness.

Bhakti yoga:

Bhakti yoga is a structure of passionate devotion with emphasis on complete surrender to the divine will, leading to freedom from the negativity of the world

Gyana yoga:

Gyana yoga educates to distinguish the self and non-self to obtain the knowledge of early literature, scriptures, and practice of yoga.

Raj yoga:

Raj yoga is one of the most popular yoga forms which is also known as Astanga yoga. It helps in accomplishing ultimate freedom through controlling the mind and is a path of self-discipline.

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