Why is it so hard to love our bodies?

Love yorself

The slogan ‘love your body’ has come as a movement. Those humans are supposed to be happier who love their body. Self-love generates a kind of contentment that keeps you happy. It is a fact. If your body is naturally beautiful, you have lovely features, charming face so it becomes easy to love yourself.

The base of this movement lies in accepting your body as it is and being kind and loving as it brings many amazing positive effects. It gives not only miraculous confidence but also it boosts you with life healing currents.

Mostly as a teenager, many have conflicting or confusing views about their body as their body goes through several changes. They may be overweight or extraordinarily slim. They may not have a fashion sense. They do not know what fits them at best. Sometimes it gets embedded in their mind that they do not look good.

Even in early adulthood, people are not satisfied with their appearance; they sometimes do not want to accept how they look. Mostly the problem arises here when your own appearance is accepted by you. It becomes hard to love your body.

Body positivity is a different aspect for everyone. Some take it casually and some feel inferior when they do not find their body enough compatible. Fat, slim, fair, dark, tall, small who is satisfied with whatever he has got? Small people feel they should have some height.

He who has height may think he should have some weight or fat that matches to his height. He who has enough weight may be struggling to save himself from being overweight and so on. In a way, if you like to find a flaw, you would find easily.

Self-confidence and self-love is the most important part of one’s personality. Researches show that most men and women are self-conscious about their appearance and weight.

Remember self-love does not depend on what others think or feel about you. Instead, it is based on how you feel about yourself. Body loving is important because it saves from the obsession with a weight scale or dieting.

To love your body is a way of living that allows you, encourages you to love and care for your body, your appearance as it is and teaches you to take pleasure in your body throughout your entire life.

Don’t forget, a perfect, healthy, well-shaped body is almost impossible. Only a few are born with such fortune. So why to fret after if you do not possess such body. Though it is very hard to convince, attraction or charm or magnetism is beyond body shape or beauty.

Observe thoroughly, you must have some distinguishing features or properties that prevail throughout your whole personality. Enhance them. You would definitely not find it hard to love yourself. Loving yourself is not that much difficult. Remember we all are a fraction of that divine supreme power. We all are lovely.

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