Why It Is Important To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others?


So, I was scrolling through my Instagram account and I saw a post where it was advised how to be grateful. I immediately grabbed my notebook and a pen and started making a list of all my blessings. I felt so good while making the list. I thanked God for giving me such a wonderful and blessed life. But suddenly a thought came. The thought shook me to the core. I felt so bad. That thought made me realized how wrong I was when I was counting my blessings. Because while making the list of great things that have happened in my life, I was comparing myself to others. I was thinking about those less fortunate people and then making myself feel blessed in comparison to them. This made me sad and I thought why I am doing things like that. Now, this realization made me think about why it is important to stop comparing yourself with others.

  1. For Your Mental Health – Looking at people’s happy lives on social media platforms and thinking why my life is so boring gives you a negative outlook towards life. It is important to understand that nobody shares their struggles online or post pictures while crying. So never judge a book by its cover because you don’t know what is going on behind the scenes.
  2. You Will Never Know Your Strengths – If you do not stop comparing yourself with others, you will keep on focusing on your flaws and weaknesses. If you want to understand your real strengths and talents then stop comparing yourself with others. Rather focus on your improvement, learn from your experiences and understand how you are becoming a better person each day.
  3. It Affects Your Confidence – Comparing yourself with others, will affect your self-esteem and confidence. Mark Twain once said “comparison is the death of joy” and he wasn’t wrong. Comparison leads not only to the death of joy but also the death of confidence, happiness, and trust.
  4. You Compromise With Your True Self – When you compare yourself with others, you start pretending to be someone else. You start losing your true sense of self and reality. This stops you from taking help or advice from others. It also makes you more susceptible to a false self-image which further affects your behaviour, thinking, and emotions.
  5. It Affects Your Productivity – Comparison creates distraction because you are trying to be “better” than the other person. This affects your quality of work and productivity.

So, stop comparing yourself with others and understand that “You Are Enough”.

Stay Blessed!

P.S – I will share the techniques to stop comparing oneself with others in the next blog.

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