You Are Not Alone!


No one likes to be alone. Though at times you crave or need some time when you can get an opportunity to introspect and reflect on life. But that’s just for a while. We all need a sense of connection and belongingness and someone who can understand what we feel or what we are going through. We understand you and that’s why have shared some of the best ideas to make you feel better when you feel alone or do not have anyone by your side.

  1. Read Good Books – Sometimes, when we are alone, the lack of human presence can be filled by some knowledge and a few characters that you resonate with. Reading good books not only provide you with an abundance of awareness, knowledge and learning but also helps you take to another place. This time travel helps you forget about your worries for a while and you could immerse yourself in those characters and stories and maybe, you could become one of them for some time.
  2. Visit Online Forums – There are many online forums where you can talk anonymously and share your concerns with the experts or the people who are struggling with the same issues as you. This brings a comforting feeling that you are not alone and there are many out there who are struggling with the same challenges. Sometimes, you get a chance to talk to the experts in that field and get good advice.
  3. Watch Some Movies – Nowadays, the cinema has changed and so the stories. Now the movies are made on real-life struggles and practical issues. These types of movies help you understand the issues, give you chance to self-reflect and also inspire you to do something for yourself. Look online for a list of movies that are good for your mental health and are worth investing time.
  4. Reach Out To Friends And Family – If you are feeling alone, do not sulk in your room and not approach your close ones. This is the biggest mistake we make. We think that you will make your parents or friends worried if you share your loneliness with them. Rather it has an opposite effect because this knowledge will make your loved ones more attentive towards you and they will make every effort to make you smile. Do not feel guilty or worried while seeking out help. This is a great accomplishment for you and we are sure that you’ll feel great.
  5. Read Articles And Blogs – Start reading articles and blogs related to mental health from credible sources. These blogs or articles will help you understand how your mind works in such situations. You will understand your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, their relation with each other and their impact on your wellbeing. This can be comforting and relieving for you.
  6. Follow Others – We all are part o social media nowadays. People post a lot about themselves on their accounts. When we look at their posts, sometimes we feel guilty, envious, and sad or maybe alone. So, follow those who talk about their mental health-related struggles. Very few people talk about this topic but when they do, it’s really powerful. It gives you the power to fight back and make you realize that you are not alone and like them, you can also come out of this situation.
  7. Consult A Mental Health Professional – And if you feel that things are going out of your hands and you are not able to handle the pressure it brings upon you, do not hesitate to consult a mental health professional. They will make you understand your problem, help you learn about yourself and assist you in improving your mental health.

So, believe in yourself and look around. You will realize that you are not alone.

Stay Blessed!

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